Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rules and Expectations Contract

I have recently made up a  rules and expectation contract for our household. My boys, ages 7,12, and 14 are for the most part relatively well behaved, but we definitely had some issues that we needed to work on. I have to admit some of the problems were as much my fault as theirs since I tend to let them get away with more than I should. So this is as much guidelines for me as it is for them. I made it like a contract and I sat down with them all and we read through it together, and I answered any questions they had, then I had them sign it...maybe a little over dramatic for some of you, but to me I see it as a way to ward of future arguments. When there's a disagreement over someone saying they didn't know that was the rule, I can pull out the contract they signed and show them they did know. :0) So here it is...hope it can help someone else and their family in the future...Keep in mind this is geared more towards my teenagers...would need to be modified I'm sure for younger children.


Rules and Expectation Contract

As children you have a legal right to adequate food, shelter, education, health care, clothing and protection from abuse. We, as your parents, are not required to give you anything else.
You will follow directions and requests made by parents. Parents may discuss the matter and explain their reasons, but parents are not required to explain or justify their decisions. There will also be no argument over this. If there is an argument, than that means you've made you point at least once. We do not need to repeatedly hear it.

All children are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and keeping their own rooms tidied up between cleanings. Cleaning is done weekly including dusting and vacuuming and cleaning the closets.

All homework and chores will be completed daily before any tv, xbox, computer ect.
If books are not brought home you will be immediately taken back to school to retrieve them. All homework will be monitored by parent and student online on a daily basis. There will be no excuses tolerated for incomplete work.

Prior permission must be obtained for all outside activities including going to the neighbors, visiting friends, after school activities, dating, etc. If a child is missing for more than 30 minutes without permission, it is considered a runaway and the police will be notified.

Prior permission must be obtained before riding in anyone else’s car. The  parents or approved sitter must meet the potential driver, approve of him/her, and see his/her driver’s license prior to receiving permission to leave.

No fighting or property destruction. Disciplinary action for any roughhousing is time out for 15 minutes or as determined at the time by disciplining parent.

No smoking at any time. No drug or alcohol use.
If caught with any drugs, or alcohol all privileges will be revoked and depending on the circumstances therapy or rehab will be required.

No profane language. Consequence: $0.25 taken for each offense out of money jar.
Amount can be raised by disciplining parent if needed.

Maximum Curfew—8pm or before its dark, unless prior permission has been granted by parent
Discipline for late curfew: grounded one day for each 5 minutes late. 

Parents will be given access and may monitor all e-mail and internet use. If information changes you will inform parent of password change or your accounts will be deleted.

Children of opposite sex are not permitted in bedrooms at the same time. If parent has approved this then bedroom doors will remain open AT ALL TIMES.

All food eaten in the house is to be eaten in the kitchen unless special permission is granted.

All tv's, Ipods, xbox etc. must be turned off at bedtime. Radio may be listened to as long as there is no arguing over the channel.

Bedtime on school nights is normally 10:00 p.m. for older children over age 12 unless a special privilege has been granted.
Younger children have earlier bedtimes at 9:00 p.m.

Extra money can be earned by assisting with chores other than routine weekly house cleaning. Allowance will not be paid if chores have not been completed. If no allowance is granted for that week then any deductions will be noted and will come out of the following weeks allowance.

Church will be attended, unless sick, on a weekly basis without complaint or excuses.

You will not take or use things that belong to others without permission.
Return all borrowed items as agreed and in the condition they found it.

Hygiene will be daily and at an appropriate time. Parents will designate what must be done and will become more directive if you fail to manage this responsibility. 

Example: If you want your hair long, keep it washed and non greasy looking, or you will be taken to get it  cut

No guests may be invited while parents are away.
Permission must be obtained prior to inviting any guests to the home.

Parents will try to help, support and solve problems if you are having problems. You will lose some freedoms, choices and privileges if you do not cooperate or if you refuse to follow the house rules.

Sign below to indicate that you have read and fully understand the above.
Signed and dated,

(Teenager/ children)

(Parent or parents)



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