Friday, September 9, 2011

Holy Crap...Christmas is coming up fast!

Holy Crap!!! I've just realized there is only 106 days left until Christmas Eve!

To some of you that probably seems like a lot of time, and to me it usually would too....
But this year, like I say every year(and never do) I'm going to have it all done BEFORE  Christmas Eve...
To those of you who know me...stop really am this year!  :0)
But ..that leads to the next problem...what the heck am I going to make?

I always try to make the majority of my gifts every year, and I try to make a little something for everyone. I will buy the majority of my boys gifts, but I love giving something handmade to all our relatives.
I like to think its a way to save money, and some years it is...some years it would have been way cheaper to just buy everyone something...but honestly I enjoy making the gifts, and I think theres just something really special about recieving a gift that you know someone made just especially for you, because they care...and I like to spread that feeling around on Christmas  :0)

So back to the problem at hand...What the heck am I making this year? Honestly I haven't a clue, but thanks to my new found, time-wasting  love... Pinterest...I do have some ideas...Here's a link to my Christmas ideas board
But here's my top favorites I've found so far...

For the kids in the family:

Name appliqued pillowcase
P.J. Eaters...hold PJ's so the kids can find them at night...super cute!
Iphone/ Ipod case

 For the ladies...maybe homemade bath baskets?
Square bath fizzies

Round bath fizzies
Japanese motive soaps

Pantry soaps

or maybe baskets of Vanilla products?

Homemade Vanilla extract - would have to be made now though..takes 2-3 months!
Vanilla brown sugar body scrub

and for the guys I really have no idea, except maybe one of these for my dad...who loves coffee cups, or maybe even  add one of his many funny quotes to it

So those are my ideas so far...Anyone else planning on making Christmas gifts? and if so have you figured out what you're making yet?

P.S...all these pictures I found on Pinterest...I'm not linking each picture back to its original site, but if you follow the link I placed above to my Pinterest Christmas ideas page then you can click on the pictures and go to the links that way. (I don't want anyone to get upset for posting their stuff without them getting credit!)


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