Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My new FREE piano

I'm so excited!...and a little
I've been watching our local Craigslist and the yahoo group freecycle for a piano, and I finally found one! I wanted a decent piano that I could teach my boys to play on that wouldn't require a lot of work to get it working...
I know, asking a lot right?
Well I finally found one...and my brother(the best brother in the world) went with me yesterday to go pick it up.
It ended up being a four and a half hour ordeal but the two of us finally got it loaded and unloaded at my house...That suckers a LOT heavier than it looks...
He even dusted it

 and vacuumed it out for me!!!

 Love my piano, and my brother!


  1. Glad that you are able to teach them a new trade. Do I get lessons also? I have always wanted to learn but never had anyone willing to teach btw I have the same vacuum cleaner :)

  2. Sure, I'll give you lessons too!...I'm kinda having to reteach myself too though since it's been so long since I can teach beginner though with no problem.