Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Money Jars

We implemented Money Jars at our house a few weeks ago. My boys do chores daily, but until recently they haven't been receiving an allowance. I have no problems paying the boys to help around the house, but I do have issues with paying them to help but still having to hear constant arguments and name calling..especially from my teenagers....So I the made money jars...Keep in mind also that my boys are 7,12, and 14...This could easily be modified for younger children though.

The boys will be getting $10 a week for their allowance. I will be putting their $10 in their jars at the beginning of the week in all quarters...As the week progresses every time I hear "Dude you are so freaking gay", or whatever the cut down of the day is, the boy looses a quarter out of his jar...Same goes if I get arguments over them doing their daily chores or homework... If they loose more than their $10 a tab will be kept and deducted from the following weeks allowance.

At the same time I didn't want to make it an all negative thing so if they do something genuinely nice for someone they can earn extra quarters. They can also earn extra quarters by doing extra side chores that I post on the board weekly, or by memorizing bible verses. Also any kid who has their original amount of quarters or more gets a $2 bonus at the end of the week.

 I have to admit so far this has worked pretty good...It's been a lot quieter around our house lately! lol...It's amazing the results you get when they realize their actions have consequences on their spending money 

P.S...excuse the bad'm not great at taking pics anyways, but have you ever tried to take pics of glass jars??? It was not as easy as I had expected! The jars will be getting a makeover soon. They are certainly ugly, but for now they work. :0)


  1. Great idea! I've thought about doing something like this too; you may have just given me the push.

  2. This is a great idea. I have been gathering ideas for an "allowance" for my son. Not sure how I want to go about it, but I really like this! (Oh, and to take pictures of glass - try outside with no flash. I am no photography expert, but I think that would help!)