Friday, September 24, 2010


Have you ever wondered how much free fabric you could fit into a 98 Camry?? Well I have the answer for you...

This much!
I had put an ad up on Craigslist wanting old fabric scraps so I would have a good mix of material for quilts that I was going to make my family for Christmas. I had a lady respond who had some material for me to look at and she said she had a lot, but I had no idea how much she really had...I didn't even take all that she offered me because I had no room in the car or at home for it! Her husband had went to go clear out a warehouse and it used to be a costume store...apparently the lady who had the costume store skipped out on her rent and left behind a whole warehouse of material...all she took with her was her patterns...the man who owned the warehouse wanted it cleared out and sold it all to this lady's husband for $70!!! I couldn't believe it..She didnt have room for it all either so she told me I could take whatever I wanted...FOR FREE!!! .It was seriously like Christmas! Not so much for the wasn't so thrilled to see me dragging home more junk as he calls it..but he just has to think of how much we'll save with me not going to the fabric store all the time :0)

So the next step was to try to find somewhere for it other than the floor of our garage. Well as I've said before I have the best friend on the world...who just happened to have a brand new steel shelving unit still in the box that was just taking up space in her storage shed so she let me have it for my material...

Now I have to admit...I've seen pics of other bloggers craft/sewing rooms, and I definitely have sewing room envy! My sewing room is in our bedroom closet... it is a large closet, but still a of these days, once we win the lottery or 2 kids move out...I just might get a whole room, but for now i'm happy with my hiding heres the before pic. (once I got the rack set up..and don't look at the the rack!)

and now the final picture once  I finally got all the material sorted and folded and stuffed into the I ended up cleaning out and organizing my whole closet while i was at it...
Can you believe how much material I have now!!!  Woo hoo..I'm ready to get to sewing!!  :0) lol

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