Friday, September 17, 2010

Alie's Dress

So I haven't had much time to do anything crafty lately with everything thing that's been going on..but I have made one dress. I made it for my adorable little niece to wear to grandpas funeral.

I made it quickly so I didn't get before, or during pictures. It's actually a dress I made from a size 24 women's dressy blazer that my friends mom had given to me. I thought the material was beautiful and didn't know at the time what I would use it for, but it worked perfectly for this project. I also already had the black silky material left over from a Halloween costume a  few years back, and the buttons on her dress were the buttons off the blazer. I also used  black cotton material (that I already had) to make a built in slip underneath so the blazer material wouldn't be scratchy to her, but you cant see that in any of the pictures.I also didn't have a pattern, so I just made it up as I went. I was pretty happy with the results though. I think she looks adorable! Not to bad for a dress that cost me nothing but time to make :0)

There's not any one great picture that shows all the detail so I just uploaded a bunch...she's so cute you can't have to many pics of her anyways :0)
Love the Dora suitcase!
Alie and brother Vin
uh oh...someone got too loud at the funeral home
My brother and Alie at the cemetery

Alie and her mommy going to the potluck at the church

My sister-in-law actually took a pic of the dress before she put it on her and so she emailed it to me...YEA! Wish I had thought of


  1. Her dress is amazing Heather! You are so crafty in areas that I am not such as sewing I have only made one set of curtains but will try to do more once I get a sewing machine.