Friday, September 17, 2010


These past few days have been hard. It's honestly probably been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I miss my grandpa and always will, but I'm hoping it gets easier everyday that passes. It seems to be getting a little better already.

One thing that has helped was that I was allowed to help get things ready for the funeral. and though it was hard there were many times that someone would tell a funny story, or we'd see a funny picture and everyone would just crack up laughing. There were other times we'd all just start crying, but I think both is part of the grief process and is helping us to get through this.

It also helps that I have the most amazing friends and relatives. I think I didn't competely realize how truly blessed our family was until this happened. There were people I havent seen in years, people who traveled from all over,  people rearranging their schedules and working grave yard shift just to come, all the food, and so many people calling or emailing to check on us, my best friend even made numerous trips (with her having 3 yr old disabled triplets!) to my house to let my dog out, left me flowers and even straightened up my kitchen so I wouldnt stress when i got home.

We had the visitation on from 5-8 Tues. September 14, 2010, and the service at 10 am on September 15, 2010. Grandpas good friend Morris Anderson did the service and he did an amazing job. I think it makes a huge difference when the pastor actually personally knows the person, and Morris was like a son to grandpa...He had us crying, but he also had us laughing. It was a wonderful celebration to his life. The burial was at Douglas cemetery. It was a perfect day outside on wed. Grandpa would have loved it. The cemetery is in the middle of farm country surrounded by yellow fields and it was beautiful.

The man who farms grandpas land even got out the old tractor and drove it in front of the procession to the cemetery. Grandpa wasn't able to get onto it or get it started the last time he tried and it upset him. I think he would have liked to know that it was there.

After the burial  the church had a potluck dinner for us. Another example of how truly blessed our family is with good friends.

Before we left town the immediate family made a trip back by the cemetery so grandma could straighten the flowers, and  then a trip by the old family farm. I miss that place so much and it is honestly my favorite place on earth. It was a nice ending to the day.

The word of the day was rejoice. That's what grandpa said he wanted everyone to do when he died was rejoice. Rejoice because he was no longer in pain, and to rejoice because he was going home. There will be days that will be harder than others to rejoice, but my goal is to find at least one thing everyday to be thankful for.

So today I will rejoice that I have the most amazing friends and family. Thank you for all your love and support during this rough time. I love you all. I have truly been blessed.


  1. Love you! I am sorry you are hurting, he was a great man!

  2. He would have loved your blog. He was truly an amazing Dad and I and we love him very, very, very much. I love you too. Thanks. Love, MOM