Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Style Bag Swap Reveal

A while ago I decided to join the Super Style Bag Swap being put together by Sew Mama Sew...This was the first swap of any kind I had ever done, and I had a blast! I will definitely do another one. I got paired up with an amazing Bag Swap partner and I think it's safe to say not only did I receive an incredible bag from her I made a new friend. :0)

I was really nervous for her to get my bag. I normally don't sew from patterns, but for the swap I used the Blossom bag pattern by Amy Butler. It involved a LOT of cutting and ironing, but I was really pleased with how well the bag went together. I made it in a pretty yellow and grey print material...I loved the material, but I was nervous that she wouldn't like it as much. I just received an email from her saying that she got it and loved I can breathe a sigh of relief and now post some pictures! I do have to say before I post them that the bag is not quite as dark of a yellow as the camera makes it look...It's a little softer. :0)

Here's a picture of the bag my swap partner sent to me.

I seriously love it! It was perfect, and so well made! As a late birthday present she even made me a little matching make-up bag...It's adorable...I don't have a pic of it though so you'll just have to take my word on it :0)
I have to say this has been a lot of fun. If you've never participated in a swap I highly recommend it...Head on over here to see the flicker group where all the finished purses are getting uploaded.


  1. I'm totally jealous, please teach me!

  2. lol...I'll trade you...I'll teach you sewing, you teach me photo editing :0)